You can hear the “Gangnam Style” parody, “Mitt Romney Style,” as many times as you want. It won’t lead you to living a life Mitt Romney style. Most of us, if not all, are aware of his assets. Sure, he lost the 2012 presidential election. But, that hasn’t stopped him from getting up and dusting his shoulders off. Romney’s been doing just fine. His weighted financial portfolio partially includes real estate, of course. Mitt Romney’s got his mitts in everything! As one could imagine, the amount of property that he owns is almost equivalent to the number of fingers you have.

Romney actually just purchased a 1991-built 8,700 sq ft expanse for $8.9 million in Park City, Utah. Mitt and co. are no strangers to Park City. They’ve owned property there before and visited Park City numerous times. The two-floor 6 bed and 8 bath is a hidden gem within Park City’s beautiful snowy terrain accompanied by tall pine trees. Fireplaces in the house would help Romney and family warm-up whenever they’re cold or feeling “blue.” Some other amenities include range, two microwaves, refridgerator, golden faucet/sink combo, large patio area, and privacy. Mitt could buy more though immediately as he wishes. The new Romney headquarters is truly a log-based marvel to stare at.

Address: Unknown