Nothing much can be said about Kevin Garnett, except that he’s a veteran alongside the likes of other noted players such as Kobe Bryant. Garnett also literally stands over most of his foes on the court. At a height of 7 ft. and weight of approximately 250 lbs, he can easily get whatever he wants. But when it comes to real estate, Garnett’s quite humble and generous. He listed his 1993 5 bed and 6 bath at a surprising low a couple of weeks ago. Kevin’s currently asking for $4.85 million for the 11,000 sq ft expanse. The white mini forest mansion rests on a whopping 12.7 acres. It’s three floors of homey elegance.

It should be noted that the entire house was designed by award-winning architects. The blueprint that was put into effect helped bring about a taste of California into the mouth of Concord, MA. Flooring is mostly wood of different finishes that help the home give off a sense of variety. A major feature of the property is the amount of open outdoor space it has to offer. It can be utilized in so many ways; large cookout, family picnic, outdoor activities, and more! Another big feature is the property rests next to Concord River, which can be seen beautifully from the inside of the house or out front. Some amenities include fireplace, wine cellar, arguably the biggest walk-in closet you’ve ever seen, and privacy.

Address: 75 Buttricks Hill Dr, Concord MA 01742