Ever since we started hearing Katy Perry “roar” after her split with this British actor/comedian, we’ve been hearing alittle bit more of him lately. And that’s setting aside the one-man stand-up comedy tour debut he’s been doing. Whatever Russell Brand’s been doing enabled him to purchase a nice 4,800 sq ft 5 bed and 5.5 bath mansion-like estate in Hollywood Hills for a generous price of $2.224 million. Brand just got done being involved in a new film, Paradise, which was released yesterday. You can also hear his voice in the new favorite animated film, Despicable Me 2.

The 1926 white stallion residence gleams nicely in the open sunlight as it stands tall atop mountainous terrain and overlooks the Hollywood Hills area. One of the key features of the home is balcony views of surrounding landscapes and that of which is distant. There are balcony views found on all three floors. The main and larger one can be found at the very top floor. Additionally, it offers adequate seating room and space for a BBQ as well. Russell has everything that he needs; fireplaces, microwave that’s almost the size of an oven, range, large cooking vent, and entertainment room. I must add that the entertainment room contains within it a very large TV and the room itself is just designed perfectly.

Address: Unknown