Selling a house can be both exciting yet stressful at the same time because selling a house is not only about closing the deal. Sentimental emotions are common to erupt when selling a house, but there is also the time that you spend wondering over selling your house, and what would make it look attractive enough to make the sale.

While you can sell your house fast with the help of a cash buyer like Four 19 Properties, it pays to also know what real agents look for when selling a home to ensure a successful sale. There are a lot of factors at play here because selling your house and making it look attractive to others could be somewhat challenging.

1. Location

Location doesn’t necessarily mean a place with a view, not that a beautiful view is not important, but there are more important things, such as a safe neighborhood, one that is not loud and noisy. A good location could mean a lot of things for people; it could be implying to a busy social life, so is it around malls, shopping centers, or lots of stores on the streets. It could mean easy accessibility to banks, pharmacies and supermarkets. Some people look for good quality schools, when they are talking about convenient locations, some others could be talking about job opportunities. Preferences are subjective, but one thing doesn’t change, if you are surrounded or close to anything that was mentioned previously, then count yourself lucky.

2. Healthy Condition

Most buyers are looking for a place that is comfy, upgraded, and doesn’t need any tweaks from them, and most of them are willing to pay a reasonable price for it as well. Of course, you don’t have to upgrade every single inch of your house; you just need to know what to upgrade. Most real estate agents focus on the bathroom and the kitchen, so make sure you upgrade them and present them in the best shape possible.

Here are some helpful tips you can do to keep your home looking good for potential buyers:

  • Maintain cleanliness: Scrub off stubborn dirt and grime on bathroom and kitchen tiles before they settle into unsightly deposits. Before a house tour or home staging, make sure to clean and dry all surfaces as much as possible. Disinfect as needed and aerate the rooms to keep them smelling fresh and clean. 
  • Replace broken tiles and fixtures: Replace all broken fixtures, especially those that may pose safety and health hazards particularly to young children, the elderly, and pets. This will also help to make your rooms look well-maintained.
  • Refresh the paintwork: If there are areas in your house that look a bit old and outdated already, refreshing the paint is an inexpensive upgrade that can make a big difference to make it look new again. Just remember to stick to light, neutral colors as they appeal to more people’s tastes than bright and loud colors.

3. Competition

More often than not there will be another house on sale that is somewhat similar to your own, and real estate agents will probably be comparing your house with the one similar to yours, which can majorly affect the price of your own house, so make sure that your house stands out and has its own unique value. Real estate agents often determine the price based on how unique the house is; land estates for sale in Perth metropolitan area for instance, exhibit all of the needed, attractive qualities that any real estate agent looks for.

4. AQB

The Appraiser Qualification Board is what initially decides the pricing of the property based on whether the property is upgraded enough or not, whether there any comparing properties, and if there is anything in the house that needs to be fixed. If the house doesn’t meet the requirements then the AQB will not approve nor set the price until everything is fixed.

5. Declutter

You are not only selling a house with furniture; you are selling the spirit or the atmosphere that the house holds. According to Four 19 Properties it’s best to get rid of any excessive furniture or decorations that seem too much; make the house look presentable by removing any bulky furniture. Decluttering is a good idea, but don’t rip the house from its spirit so keep a few things around to maintain the homey feel to your house.

A Successful Sale

Putting your house on sale is not easy, from the pressures of making the sale, upgrading and updating everything, and making sure you meet the requirements to knowing that you are letting go of your home that you have spent a lot of time in, and already had memories in. But if you organize enough and remember why you are selling your property; you’ll regain your drive and start checking items off of your list, to make sure that your property is attractive enough to real estate agents.