Just like the rest, Ziwe was held by Oprah Winfrey‘s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

“That interview influenced the first season of my show so much,” the Ziwe host told CelebHomes News. “Honestly, like the structure was really inspired by that. I thought it was really, really brilliant one of the best interviews of the 21st century.”

The comedian has long been a fan of Oprah, going way back to when she was a “wee little baby,” but stopped short of saying that she’s emulating the iconic journalist, saying, “No one can do Oprah,” she says. “All I can to is Ziwe.”

But that does not mean Ziwe won’t continue to do so TryIt was a great success to attract impressive guests including the Duchess and Duke of Sussex. Ziwe mentioned that Meghan and she both went to Northwestern University. Perhaps a collaboration is possible?

Ziwe has previously made the most of her college connections. Asking fellow Northwestern alumna Chet Hanks—son of Tom Hanks Rita Wilson—to appear on season two of her eponymous Showtime series. They are good friends so she sent him a simple text. He agreed to speak about his exercise program.