The world’s richest person is headed to television.

BBC plans to make a series of documentaries about Tesla CEO and co-founder. Elon MuskAccording to Deadline.

Tentatively named Elon Musk’s ShowThe three-part series features interviews with close family, friends, and business associates. They tell his intimate story about how he became the world’s richest person, and also one of its most controversial.

The “extensive” and “unseen archives from Musk’s Silicon Valley days will be included in the series. They trace Musk’s rise from Silicon Valley hotshot to controversial mogul, with an estimated net worth of nearly $220 billion.

Director Elon Musk said, “There’s no getting around Elon Musk.” Marian Mohamed Jeremy Llewellyn Jones

Musk’s attention has been on the rise at the moment, and this series is no exception. SpaceX’s founder bought Twitter last month at a shocking $44 billion. Twitter will become a privately-held company with the deal closing later in 2012.