CelebHomes: What are you guys most fond of about Amazon shopping?
CL: Amazon’s convenience is something that everyone loves. There are so many choices. Amazon Essentials makes everything super-affordable. Amazon Essentials is super affordable and it will arrive quickly at your door. This is something I consider very important and it covers everything. It’s affordable. It comes quickly. It’s quick and easy.

CelebHomes – What is your favorite thing about Amazon Essentials in particular?
SL: I love my t-shirts. I wear tee shirts almost every day. Amazon Essentials has a great selection of t-shirts that I like. I also make it very easy. It came in all colors. It’s easy to swap them, and it is great quality. For me, it doesn’t get much easier.

CL: Personally, I like the option to coordinate clothing with my children. Sean also has a Star Wars-themed shirt, which says “I’m your father.” The shirts say “I’m your son” and are coordinating for our boys. It’s adorable when kids match and it is something I enjoy. It fits very well. The shirts are great quality.

Mia is able to collaborate with me on some Minnie mouse coordination. The Disney Collection is a great way to keep her entertained. It’s great to be able to go back and revisit childhood memories, as well as seeing how my children react.