Yolanda Foster, who can be seen in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and nothing else, is rather a desperate housewife. Due to her Canada-based penthouse not being vacant as often as she desired, Yolanda listed it on the market alongside her husband, David Foster, a music composer and Canada’s very own. Dave has worked with memorable talent such as Whitney Houston and talented actors such as Bobby (Robert De Niro). He’s currently the chairman of Verve Music Group and has just been honored with a Hollywood star. As for Yolanda, she was a model in a previous life. The Fosters are currently asking for $5.25 million for the two-level apartment.

Yolanda eventually found her own interior design business sometime after modeling. She actually applied her knowledge in that department towards the very two-level condo which her and Dave are trying to sell. The Fosters actually purchased the place sometime in 2007 as a getaway home. But, their idea of a getaway was normally being on a boat, which is all fine and dandy. This, of course, is what led the couple to selling the 4,400 sq ft duplex. That’s fine though, because they have the doors of a multi-million dollar mansion in Malibu waiting to actually be opened. The Canadian penthouse towers over the downtown area of Victoria, British Columbia, with an awkward ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms (3/4).

The entire two-story condominium is completely garnished with luxurious furnishings, which are indeed included in the price. If you were to be an honored visitor to this prestigious pinnacle of a home, then you’d travel along a narrow decorative hallway upon entering. You may feel just like Caesar himself! It won’t be long until you notice a fireplace, soft cushioned couches, an 8-seater dining table, and the light/dark sky via the set of glass windows. The number of couches and way they’re arranged help give off a homey feel. You can already see the balcony out front by the couches and complimentary small dark wood living room table. The kitchen is nearby from here. Kitchen comes fully equipped with an oven, microwave, refridgerator, and of course, a large island table.

Above the oven and stove is a restaurant-style vent. You can choose to either dine at the 8-seater dining table in the living room or a restaurant-style dining area with couch-like seating arrangements and a table in the middle. Plus, you get a view of a large body of water and vast landscape via adjacent windows as you eat your Canadian bacon! One of the bedrooms contains a fireplace, while the other gets that large fancy arch glass window. No matter, because all rooms are treated to an overlooking view of the downtown area and distant parts of it. If you access the balcony, then you’d be in awe by unveiling more of the downtown area and the docks. Overall, Foster headquarters is the high-priced baby of Hollywood celebrity homes. If you have the cheddar, then why not!