Adam Sandler would say that this veteran actor is “seasoned.” Be as it may, old-timer Bob Newhart (or Papa Elf to some) is looking to sell his pimpin’ nursing home in Los Angeles, CA. Makes me ponder about how he managed to score this 9,169 sq ft residency in the first place. I guess shows “Newhart” and “Bob” enabled him to snag it and The Librarian trilogy assisted with holding onto it. Nonetheless, Bob Newhart is a likable actor. In fact, he’s so likable on-screen that I always imagine him being just as likable off-screen. Bob’s actually presently working with fellow classic eldery actors/actresses on the ironically titled film “Big Finish.” Don Rickles may be excluded from this, with relief that he’s going to reprise his role as Mr. Potato Head in the fourth installment of the Toy Story series.

Despite the age of those Big Finish intends to showcase, they’re exceptionally noteworthy for their cinematic contributions. No matter how much Newhart would make from said film, extra money never hurts. He’s currently asking for an astonishing $15.5 million. Lets see what Papa Elf’s packing. The firs thing that may stand out the most is the 2-car garage, mainly because above the garage are office areas. Thus, the garage is essentially an office building. Impressive so far! Additionally, the wide and lengthy garage is capable of holding a car sale. The entrance to the gargantuan main house leaves enough room for the future owner(s) and guests to stare in amazement at the nearby vegetation.

The Lollipop-Guild-on-steroids home was built in 1941. It stands gloriously with two stories, 5 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms. I want to first mention that there are numerous places to eat, including breakfast. Although there is a breakfast nook inside. It would be difficult even for Dr. Seuss to find a place to eat his green eggs and ham! Modern double doors with stainless steel handles by the breakfast nook lead to a patio area containing additional seating. The new owner(s) may choose to dine in the Beauty and the Beast-inspired dining room. Comes complete with a fireplace and chandelier, which provide both a romantic and grand appeal.

You also have your choice of two living rooms, one of which contains a black glossy piano.
If Bob decides to not take it, then you can amusingly put on a pair of glasses and pretend to be the talented Stevie Wonder (unless you happen to be a really good pianist). Like all celebrity kitchens, the kitchen of this old-country style home is completely furnished with prestige. You receive a double-stacked oven, stove, dishwasher, refridgerator, and an island-style table that’s able to accommodate three people. The backside of Newhart’s home is a live version of a typical Disney town, with a colorful variety of plants and adventurous walkways. Here, you’ll also find a distinctively shaped pool, hot tub, and even a guest house! Newhart has everything that you need. Now, show him the money!

Home Address: Amapola Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90077 (Bel Air – California)