Being a successful, let alone wealthy, musician is difficult. This one, in particular, took the risk of leaving his home in Cleveland soon after graduating high school and relocating straight to Los Angeles, CA. He did all that a newcomer could do to expand their social circle. This boy would actually bring his guitar with him almost wherever he traveled. Like a majority of actors and musicians, the teen-turned man eventually found himself waiting tables at a restaurant. Throughout the struggling musician’s trek to making it big, he had a hard time dishing out lyrics on paper. A commercial jingle writer job eventually landed in his lap. This is where Mark Foster’s success stems from.

Foster’s long-time friend Cubbie Fink and amigo Mark Pontius wasted no time in forming the interestingly-named band, “Foster the People” and putting together the major hit Pumped up Kicks. The talented trio’s original group name was “Foster & the People,” which was commonly mistaken for the current band name. The group’s first single became a launch pad for reaching instant success. For Foster, the aforementioned life achievement enabled him to buy a 4,637 sq ft Hollywood Hills home off of the fatigued hands of General Hospital’s Maurice Benard and his wife. The Benards have been yearning for someone to purchase their 1970’s-built 3 bed and 3 bath residency for a considerable amount of time, with price reduction after price reduction.

Perhaps people wish to live in the now and not in the Brady Bunch era. No matter, because once you get past the whole two-story Scooby Doo headquarters appeal, you’ll be relieved by the interior. The guts of the home give off more of a modern vibe. provided that you buy current furniture. The medium-dark wooden kitchen cabinets help emit that modern look and feel, along with double-lopsided ovens and a luminous refridgerator which can potentially serve as an additional bedroom. The kitchen is also furnished wth a stainless steel sink. Other things that Foster paid for are a couple of elegant white sofa chairs that are old-fashioned, yet modern. The house is also furnished with a couple of couches. More importantly, the Benards added an entertainment room to the place.

When Foster and Co. aren’t jamming out, they can retreat to the 6-seater entertainment room. The entertainment room actually has enough space for an additional row of those steroidal cup-holding, seemingly comfortable chairs. There’s an attached fun-sized lounge area adjacent to the entertainment room where others can share the viewing experience. Living rooms have a tremendous amount of space. Thus, Foster’s provided with various design options. One great feature about this casa is the large deck (can be accessed via the second level). The owner and visitors would be treated to a lavishing landscape. On the front lawn are two beach-like chairs accompanied by pillows. One could alternatively view said landscape, plus more. Oh, and the premises is surrounded by trees…….you know…… case Foster and pals run out……

Home Address: 3549 N Knoll Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 (Hollywood Hills – California)