Whitney PortHopes she will soon expand her family.

The eight-months ago HillsAn alum of the show shared with fans that she lost her pregnancy two weeks ago, after she announced to friends she was having another baby. Tim Rosenman. The same week of her miscarriage, her sister Jade gave birth to Whitney’s nephew, Tate Jeffrey Robbins.

Having spent lots of time with Tate, Whitney told CelebHomes News that her nephew has made her want to have another little one around the house.

Tate’s 23rd anniversary was Aug. 23, when Tate spoke of her joy at the birth of her son. SonnyHanging out. It gave me an idea of what the two might look like.

This is the Red Carpet. Adventure with the Great Wolf PackWhitney described Whitney’s warm feelings about the children’s interactions: “Babies bring you back like it makes Sonny a little nugget.”