Christian Slater has found his next villain role. 

This actor will star in Disney+’s live-action TV adaptation. Spiderwick Chronicles as Mulgarath, an evil, shape-shifting ogre. Based on the popular series of books. Spiderwick Chronicles Follow the Grace children as they move in with their newly divorced mother to the abandoned Spiderwick estate. The children find the book of their great-uncle, which details the existence and characteristics of fairies. Slater’s character, Mulgarath, will go to great lengths to steal the field guide.

It was revealed on Disney+ Day November 20,21. A streamer described it as a modern coming-of age story with fantasy adventures. 

These are the authors of this series Holly BlackAnd Tony DiTerlizziIs it you, the author of the original? Spiderwick Chronicles books, will serve as two of the executive producers, and Kat Coiro (She-Hulk) will direct the first two episodes.