We interviewed Whitney Port because we think you’ll like her picks at these prices. Whitney Port is an Amazon spokesperson. All of the products featured are from Whitney’s curated collection with Amazon. CelebHomes may earn commissions if someone purchases through one of our affiliate links. CelebHomes does not sell items. The prices are correct as published.

Whitney Port has always had a chic, effortless sense of style, which also translates to interior design. Whitney Port Inc. is renovating the home of the entrepreneur and will be taking viewers along with her on this YouTube series. Whitney Port Renovation Station.

Whitney has also been documenting the design process. Whitney created an Amazon storefront, featuring a variety of décor, furniture and organizational pieces she selected for her office. Whitney shared her thoughts with CelebHomes in an exclusive interview. Whitney said, “I believe you should view your office as you would your bedroom. Because you put so much effort into it, it should make you happy. It should bring you joy. Amazon is a great example of this.

The HillsAn alum said, “Everyone is aware that Amazon has lots to offer. However, I am thrilled to share the chic, extraordinary, and high-quality products. It was my dream for this new headquarters that it would feel like a home, so I am hoping I will be able to organize everything.

Whitney’s items can be used in any space, regardless of whether you don’t have one. According to Whitney, she said that “Whenever I create something, I want you be able take the pieces and make them your own, regardless of what they are.” It is possible to buy all the pieces together and make a story out of them. It is also possible to pick and choose items that will make the space uniquely yours.

Whitney sees her office as “calm and warm with some chic pieces.” If that sounds like the aesthetic you need in your life, check out Whitney’s selections.