“That’s the part that sucked,” she said. She said, “But you also know that relationships aren’t always easy. We even fought last summer. We didn’t communicate well. We were only one year into our relationship. We will be celebrating two years of our relationship next month. Through the years, we have learned much more about each other as well as how to communicate with one another. Does that mean we have to fight? It is. But did we break up? No.”

With all that in mind, Danielle admitted she’s been questioning her role on Summer House. Danielle explained that after last season’s experience, I didn’t want to do it. Although I don’t intend to, it was how I felt. The point is when I am old enough that I know the people I like and don’t want to place myself in difficult situations. Last summer was a very unfortunate one.

It’s difficult to go back, but it is possible. There’s always another season, more hope. “I just believe that these things all have a shelf-life and that there is no unrealistic thing I can do that will make me appear on Bravo forever.”