She said that “I have also struggled with the difficulties I face in this career.” “I have always wanted to be a singer in country music since I was nine years. I sometimes feel like I am constantly fighting with other people to prove that I’m more than a television personality.

As a mother of three, she said that “As a female in 2022,” “I don’t understand why” I couldn’t have a child, publish books and own a brand. She also stated, “I don’t understand how I could be questioned about my music career if I didn’t dream big enough to take it seriously.”

Jessie was disappointed that so many shows were cancelled. The tour was canceled several times, and Jessie felt that she had “let so many people down.”

Jessie has more Nashville concerts starting June 29th. She is still working through the pain. Her husband is her support. Eric DeckerWho commented “Love You!” You are beautiful and inspiring with your vulnerability.