Obi Wan Kenobi may have been released as a limited series but director Deborah ChowIt’s not too late to open the doors for more Star Wars.

Chow shared her reasons for why Disney+ hadn’t yet announced season 2. She explained that “For this one,” Chow said, “We really did think it would be a limited series.” Entertainment Tonight June 22. “It is really one story, with a beginning middle and an end. That’s why we didn’t see beyond it.

However, Chow acknowledged that many people, including lead Ewan McGregorThis is what we hope to continue seeing. Star Wars story. She said that she would be open to the request, but only if there were good reasons to do so.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen KennedyThe fans’ desires are what it comes down to. “If there is a lot of engagement, and people want more Obi-Wan,” she stated, “we’ll absolutely consider that because fans speak to us.”