The Newcomers

All New Southern Charm—though they’re certainly not strangers to the Charleston social scene—are Olivia, Marcie and Chleb. The latter two are married with a baby on the way, meaning Shep’s extended family is about to grow by one since Marcie is his cousin. Olivia finds herself infatuated with a Charmer. 

Fans are also still getting to know the cast members who made their Bravo debut last season. According to Leva you can expect to see both sides of the story. Leva stated that you might expect certain people to behave a certain way, but they are often quite different. You will be surprised to learn the truth.

Her words continued: “I thought that there were more surprises in us. But trust me, at one point I was rolling to the ground. I was also shocked at myself and other people. It’s all so overwhelming.