Chelsea LazkaniCelebHomes News was pleasantly surprised to hear that a brand new season five addition, Christine, actually made a friend with her. ArbeitChristine said, “I like what I see.”

Chelsea answered the question “I hope Christine comes back for season 6,” but she didn’t say no. So that’s two of us.

It The Sunset SellingThe renewal announcement is not the only good news for those who like drama and big houses. 

Netflix has also confirmed that it will spinoff Selling The OCPremiered August 24, 2012. “A new set of agents compete to establish themselves in The Oppenheim Group’s second Orange County office,” teased the streamer. These agents will have to deal with the increased pressure.

In April, head honcho Jason Oppenheim told CelebHomes News that the new batch of agents will breathe fresh life into the franchise.

“They are very light-hearted, and they’re fun,” he stated. “I am really starting to get along with them, and I can see that we are becoming very close.”

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