Bryan Cranston Aaron PaulTheir chemistry is being brought to the forefront Saul deserves better

They were Walter White (and Jesse Pinkman) respectively in five seasons. Breaking BadFrom 2008 to 2013, they will be appearing in the second part of the sixth and final Saul Goodman spinoff. Although we aren’t sure what Walt and Jesse might be doing, Saul co-creator Peter GouldIt was a tease.

Gould said, “You are going to see Walt & Jesse this year.” Entertainment Weekly“But I believe the way they see them, and how you perceive them will not necessarily match what you would expect.”

Since Saul deserves better premiered in 2015, fans have wondered if their favorite Albuquerque meth makers might appear on the show, which has led to wide speculation about how Walt and Jesse would fit into the story. Pre-Breaking Bad reveal? Unexpected flash forward Unseen Breaking BadMoment at the A1A Car Wash?!

Gould stated that he has heard many theories regarding what would happen and that he is happy to say that he’s not heard any theory close to reality.

Okay, no need to wash your car.