You want to be Camila MendesYou have to get to know the lines between you and your significant other.

The Riverdale star confirmed her single status in a TikTok shared on June 27—where she lip-synced to an audio that is just as relatable as it is funny.

Video began with an off camera voice asking Camila if she was single. She then lip-syncs, “I am.”

Why, you might be asking? Camila lip-syncs: “I believe my problem is my Venus being in Pisces.” Over-romanticizing things is how I feel. I see someone and write a script. Then it becomes like when they are together. I can’t really get behind improv so my interest in them drops.

Making the TikTok that much more fine-tuned to herself, she captioned the post, “venus in leo*.”

Naturally, many fans visited the comments section to share their complete understanding with the 28 year-old. A user commented, “This logic makes perfect sense to me.”

A second user added his voice, saying, “Why are these so relatable?”