Warning: There are spoilers! 

It is difficult to describe how complicated it all is Westworld is.

The HBO series tackles some really big themes, making viewers question just about every aspect of their lives: Is technology good? Do humans have an inherent evil nature? Do violent pleasures have to always lead to violence?

These existential questions form a significant part of the story of Bernard, according to Jeffrey Wright. As he explained in an interview with CelebHomes News, the host is one of the few characters who is torn between his beliefs in humanity and technology. “He has this allegiance to both sides of the parks, if you will—to the hosts, but also he has this strange, stubborn allegiance to humans,” he said. “There’s this persistent belief that, despite all this evidence to the contrary, there’s still something at the core [of the human race]That’s beautiful, capable of grace, and well worth saving.”

In episode 7, titled “Metanoia”, Bernard walks through the various outcomes for each scenario. In order to make the right decision, he knows that any outcome outside of the simulation could have greater ramifications for the entire society.