It Grease family is remembering Olivia Newton John

August 9, 2009 Edith ConnFrenchy, the famous 1978 movie star, said she had spoken to Olivia a few weeks prior to her death and that Olivia was her husband. John EasterlingThe mother and her daughter. Chloe LattanziShe had been caring for her since her illness.

Didi shared that Didi had heard from her: “She said she couldn’t walk anymore, and she needed full-time caregivers.” Good Morning America, “but her husband, John, and her daughter, Chloe, were there all the time and she told me they were just so hopelessly devoted.”

Didi said that she wanted to be remembered by her ex-star via “love, light,” as Olivia signed all her letters and emails.

Didi said, “I believe I will always remember her singing.” “She would put her hands out to her audience and sing ‘I Honestly Love You’ and I think that’s how I’ll always remember her—this big heart. We will always be in love with her.”