Ashton Kutcher Mila KunisThe team’s latest victory was a homer.
The couple attended a charity event in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium on Aug. 8. Dodgers’ star, Ping Pong 4 Purpose hosted the tournament. Clayton KershawAnd his wife Ellen KershawThe eighth annual event was held by the group’s founder,. Kershaw’s Challenge, an organization that helps at-risk kids in Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas and Zambia, hosts the annual event.
CelebHomes News was told exclusively by an eyewitness that Mila and Ashton were excited to participate in the ping-pong tournament.
The eyewitness said, “During match, they got very competitive and cheered each other on, especially when scoring points. Ashton would lift Mila up when they won a huge point and then kiss her before spinning her around. The two of them also danced. Miley Cyrus‘ ‘Party in the USA’ beforehand to get pumped.”