If you follow us regularly, then you may recall Gretzky being a boss in real estate. He continues to satisfy not only our taste of real estate, but for everyone elses, by listing his modest 5 bed and 6 bath estate in the Thousand Oaks area. This might also be the house that former NY Met and Philadelphia Philly, Lenny Dykstra, trashed. The clue can be found in the main article of the property on Zillow: “Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky and his wife, actress Janet Jones, have fixed up their Thousand Oaks, CA mansion and are selling it for $10.5 million.”

So what does this all say about the Rangers legend? You can attempt to knock him down, but he’ll just simply show you up. As one may be able to predict, everything that’s going on on the outside of the home remains to be intact; holy vibes, lavishing welcome, and a clean n’ crisp feel and view of 8,711 sq ft of living space. No need to mention how cleaned up the interior is. Lets just say that it’s inhabitable for the wealthy.

Amenities included are a living room for entertainment and keeping warm (also pours out into the backyard that contains a large pool and hot tub/spa), library area, fitness room, poolhouse (contained within it is a kitchen, fireplace, and place for TV), and a patio under a gazebo. Bring your monacle, pipe, and hawaiian shirt and shorts combo!

Address: 129 Hampstead Ct, Thousand Oaks CA 91361