What follows after marriage? Although most couples nowadays move in prior to wedding day, there are couples who traditionally wait until after marriage. Actress Kate Bosworth might fit in that category. She married film director Michael Polish, who brought you the unforgettable Twin Falls Idaho and will be bringing you two upcoming films, one being the drama/mystery Unconscious and comedy Hot Bot to help balance out them genres. As for Kate, well…….she’ll be “Unconscious” alongside actor Wes Bentley. Kate is also involved in two other movie projects, which her hubby is surprisingly not directing.

To get back on track, Kate put up her home on La Cuesta Dr in Los Angeles, CA for sale for $2.499 million. No need for a house of your own if you’re married and can get one with your mate. Her house’s floor plan is perfectly balanced with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and measures 2,890 sq ft. The two-story estate makes for easy and comfortable living, all the while sporting subtle high-end touches. Amenities include spacious furnished kitchen, wine/alcohol storage, office, balconies on the second floor, outdoor lounge, pool, attached parking, BBQ area, and gated entry to premises.

Address: 2633 La Cuesta Dr, Los Angeles CA 90046