Jack Osbourne was quite a jolly fellow in the past. But now, Jack is nimble, and Jack is quick. He can also jump over a candlestick! Osbourne Jr. actually competed in “Dancing with the Stars” last year. Since then, he’s been serving as executive producer on some projects and appearing on TV some more. Jack eventually retreated to the bat cave, courtesy of being involved in an upcoming drama that’s set in the mid 1920’s, Silent Life. He also has a family of his own. And when there’s a family, finding or selling a home is involved. In Jack’s case, he’s looking to sell.

So if you’re a fan of Jack Osbourne, then you may want to buy in on his estate on N Berendo St in LA for $2.998 million. The floor plan is balanced with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. As one may infer, the interior is classy with chandeliers, fireplaces, large homey furnished master kitchen, and library area. The 4,074 sq ft estate is fenced and gated. Other amenities include attached garage, security system, pool, and a serene patio.

Address: 2220 N Berendo St, Los Angeles CA 90027