Florida caved into New York, and managed to make its way out and back to some warmth. At least this can be said for Florida Panthers owner Vince Viola and invitation/stationary designer, and wife, Theresa. But, who wouldn’t want to be stuck in a 20,000 sq ft townhouse that’s a block away from the famous Central Park, which remains to be chosen for a filming location. Not enough? How about a large fireplace? Oh, that got your attention. And you know what, we wouldn’t blame you, especially if you can fork over $114 million for the Viola residence. Hey, there’s a two-story library room too!

The 7 bed and 9 bath estate is just truly glorious and holy. It would make Prince Harry shart and Tom Cruise slide on the glossy awe-inspiring patterned floors in his boxers, button-down shirt, and socks daily for hours. Walk through double golden doors and navigate through a long hallway like a god and/or goddess. Marvel at the high ceilings. Enjoy the luxury of having a private indoor swimming pool. And the kitchen and the movie theater, ohhhh the kitchen and the movie theater! They’re both the largest in their respective category, and they’re furnished too.

Okay, you can stop dreaming now. That’s only if you can afford what was once 1910 and is now arguably the top classy modern NYC homes any wealthy person can buy, or should buy rather.

Address: 12 E 69th St, New York NY 10021