For the Ed Hardy brand, it’s always party “hardy.” But, perhaps the one who helped bring you those macho tees might have something else to celebrate. Christian Audigier reportedly sold the Ed Hardy brand for $62 million back in 11′. Now, he’s looking to sell his 5 bed and 4 bath estate in LA for $3.199 million, which is $400,000 over the “zestimate.” Well, when you previously owned Ed Hardy, you still go hard! So what’s Audigier been up to ever since selling his baby, besides attempting to sell his house? He’s still an entrepreneur, so there! Now, about that house….

It’s referred to as a “1925 English Tudor.” And indeed it is. Doesn’t it remind you of at least a bit of an old english town in those medieval films? If you’ve been to England, then you may want to get in on this floor plan. Nonetheless, it’s a good 5,330 sq ft family home that sits on roughly a quarter of an acre, which is accompanied by a nice and fully equipped backyard. Other amenities include formal and exceptional dining, furnished kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances and bar seating, office, fireplace, rooms for entertaining guests, and more! It’s just a lavishfest and stylized living up in there, perhaps arguably one of the topmost estates in LA to boast such traits.

Address: 219 N Norton Ave, Los Angeles CA 90004