Tori Spelling is confident in saying the bullies didn’t win. 

For the past two years, the actress has been honest about her daughter StellaThis is a story about overcoming bullies in school. The 14-year old graduated middle school on June 8 in a totally different place.

“Her creativity and her passion has gotten her through so much,” Tori exclusively shared with CelebHomes News at iHeartRadio’s KIISFM Wango Tango. “She even said, ‘Mom, I feel like I’ve come so far from the bullying days from school and I’m able to enjoy school again and celebrate my graduation in my life’ and I’m like oh my God.”

That happiness was displayed in graduation pictures posted on both mom and dad Dean McDermottThis week’s Instagram pages by. 

As Stella posed in her gown, Tori captioned the post, “So proud of how hard she fought to graduate amongst bullying, COVID, adversity, migraines, severe anxiety, and sadly teachers and counselors who didn’t believe she could do it all in time to graduate…she proved them all wrong!”