Did there exist a connection to cult?

The spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office stated that Holly had been left as a baby at an Arizona church and was “taken into their care.”

He said that Holly was brought to the church by two women who claimed they were members of a nomadic religious congregation. “They were wearing white robes and they were barefoot. They indicated the beliefs of their religion, including the separation of male and female members, practicing vegetarian habits and not using or wearing leather goods. They also indicated that they have given up their baby at the laundromat before. This group is thought to have traveled across the Southwest United States including Arizona, California, and Texas.

Dean and Tina had moved from Florida to Texas before their deaths. Donna shared with the Houston Chronicle that she last heard from her son in October 1980, in a letter.

According to her, a man called Donna claiming that they had found their car in California. He claimed that the vehicle was driven by three white-robed women who drove it to Florida. Donna said one of them, “Sister Susan,” personally told her Dean had joined their group and wanted nothing to do with his family. The newspaper was also informed by her that her son, who had joined a cult back in 1970s.

A spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office stated that in December 1980, or January 1981 Tina and Dean’s families were contacted by “Sister Susan” who claimed she called from Los Angeles. She said that she wanted money and would return their car.

“She also stated that Tina, Dean, had joined their religious organization and did not want to be in contact with their families,” said he. They were also giving away all their belongings.