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Britney Spears opened up about her beauty routine  In an Instagram Story, she posted Jun. 9, 2022. According to the pop star, “I’m sorry that my face looks so dirty. I’ve been through an emotional day and now I don’t have makeup on!” While I am aware most people dislike my approach to makeup, it is true that I use the best skincare routine.

Next, she shared three her favorite skincare products. She concluded her post with the following: “So for anyone who wants to judge my makeup being imperfect I think you know all the rest !!!!!”.” These emojis were also included: a wave, a lipstick print and a peach. Although we don’t know what she meant by those emojis, it was obvious that her commitment to her skin care regimen was strong. 

Britney used to sing that she can wear makeup however she likes. Britney uses three of her favorite skincare products.