When we think about real estate, we imagine influential people with suits and making huge deals with land. But the world has changed a lot since then. What if I say that you can make tons of money even without owning or dealing with a piece of land? Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? All you need to know is the right information and the right audience.

The real estate sector has been one of the most undermined business sectors. KRS Holdings Management Company says it is because of the preconceived opinion of many and the fear of the amount of investment. There is more to this industry than what just meets the eye. Here is the list of the business you can start with,

Real Estate Photographer

If you’re into photography, this might be one of the options to give a try. Take beautiful photos of all the spaces from the property and post them online for marketing purposes. The better the picture quality gets, the easier you will get offers from the clients. Having top shots with the drone is an added advantage as it gives a proper viewing to the buyer. Due to the pandemic, the current scenario has gone virtual for buying and selling properties. So, this is just the right time for you to shine with your skills.

Real Estate Marketing

If you’re into sales & marketing and know how to work things around with the customer, then starting a marketing agency is the right step. Collaborate with real estate agents, agencies, property management companies. Show them how best you are at what you do. Let them know the number of contacts you have for marketing, so they gain trust. Don’t worry about accessing the contacts because you have extensive tools online that can fetch them for you. GetEmail.io is an AI-powered email finder tool that can help access hundreds of professionals’ emails in just a matter of seconds.

Real Estate Blogger

Many people would love to have some information about the property they are getting into before making any decisions. Meanwhile, some would want to know how the real estate industry works to help them invest right. If you are someone with good knowledge about real estate, you can start blogging about it. You will be astounded by the response rate. People these days are way more interested in properties, and they would prefer to educate themselves about the changing trends in real estate.


Nobody pays for the information that they already know. You as a bird-dogger have to find the information that no one knows yet. Simply put, you need to find the properties that have not been listed yet and make money by selling its information. It isn’t easy as it sounds, as it requires a lot of research and groundwork. You don’t have to find a ready-to-sell property but any other that needs a renovation. You can appeal to diverse investors including the flippers.


There are only a few ideas that have made it to the top of the businesses. It isn’t just about the idea but the execution of it as well. Hope these ideas ring a bell to you!