Do you ever look at your floors and wish they looked different?

Maybe you wish they had a bit more pop to them or that they suited your style a little bit better.

Getting the floors you want does not have to be difficult. Concrete floors are highly customizable and versatile, making them an ideal option to make any room in your house look even better.

Here are 10 ways coated concrete floors can benefit your home.

1. Durable and Long-lasting

When you are installing a new floor, you want it to last.

By themselves, concrete floors will wear down over time. Concrete coatings, however, are highly resilient. Using a concrete coating can prevent wear and tear for an extremely long time, as they can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years.

2. Resistant to Water

Using a coating also helps concrete floors to be more water-resistant.

Concrete is a porous material, meaning water can seep into it and cause stains or even mold. Adding a concrete coating prevents this, so you do not have to worry as much about water damage occurring.

3. A Safer Option

Concrete floors are more resistant to fires and slipping than many of the other options available.

Plus, concrete floors do not have volatile organic compounds in them, which release toxic chemicals into the air. This is not the case for many other types of flooring, including certain kinds of hardwood floors, vinyl, and synthetic carpets.

4. Affordable

The price of high-quality materials for other types of floors can cost quite a bit of money, plus you have to worry about installation fees.

Coated concrete floors are a far more affordable option.

Concrete floors, by themselves, are not likely to cost you more than $6 per square foot, though a more customized concrete floor may cost around $10 per square foot.

The installation cost will also be low since there is so little labor involved.

5. It Looks Good

It is not a stretch to say that a coated concrete floor is going to look better than rough concrete.

What may be more surprising is that a coated concrete floor can actually look gorgeous. No matter what your style is or what kind of design you want, a coated concrete floor can be designed to fit it.

6. Eco-Friendly

Using a concrete coating has a smaller carbon footprint when compared to getting a brand new floor.

Concrete floors give off fewer chemicals than many other types of floors do, some of which are harmful to the environment, and you do not have to buy as many new materials.

7. Versatile

Concrete floors work for any room.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are able to fit any style. There are a wide variety of options you can choose from in regards to design, color, and pattern.

8. Easy to Install

Coating a concrete floor is far easier than installing wood, tile, or carpet.

All you need is an epoxy coating. Whether you decide to hire a company or DIY it, it will take less time and money than the other options available.

That being said, using a company that specializes in concrete coatings like Garage Force, will get you the best results and will ensure that your floor looks exactly the way you want it to.

9. Low Maintenance 

Other types of floorings can require a lot of clean-up and maintenance, but that is not the case with concrete floors. Typically, you just need a mop and a mild cleaning agent.

However, if your concrete floor is in an area prone to leaks and mess, like a garage, you may want to consider having it sealed yearly or bi-yearly.

10. Good for Garages and Basements

While coated concrete floors are great for any room, their durability and low maintenance make them especially ideal for garages and basements.

A coated concrete floor spruces up these rooms while still remaining a practical option for them. These rooms are prone to leaks and messes and may be used to store heavy items, meaning a durable and water-resistant floor is ideal.

Benefit From Coated Concrete Floors Today

Having good floors does not have to overly difficult and expensive.

Coated concrete floors are an easy way to make any room look fantastic without having to spend too much time and money on them. They are also safer than many other floor options and are environmentally friendly.

If you found these tips helpful, be sure to look at our other articles for more tips and information.