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SPOTMYUV UV Sticker Reviews

One shopper said, “First time I went to Disneyland during a day of zero cloud and 90 degrees.” That was a great tip! It was great! They were great for a week of hiking in Utah in which it was in the 90s and had an extremely high UV index. We all got dry so this is one the most useful inventions.

Another user commented, “I saw this product on Reddit. I loved the idea of it. It works well.

Another reviewer said, “Me, my fair skin, went on a solo trip recently. These saved our lives!” These stickers were helpful in determining when and how much sunblock to use. People were constantly asking where I bought it. You are 100% going to love it.

Amazon’s shopper said that “This is my favourite thing.” Being sunburnt is something I worry about and it’s one of the reasons why my daughter has become so protective. While I have tried setting up alarms to remind me to apply sunscreen again, I found it difficult to keep my phone close to my body when in water. I have found these stickers to be my saving grace during the summer. It’s easy to use them and they’re fun for my daughter to have! They don’t come off and they have been worn every day.

One fan said that they ordered a second set of stickers. They are easy to use, and provide a reminder of why your skin needs protection. I was so impressed at the durability of these stickers, even in water!

One person wrote that they were easy to apply, thin, and held up even during full sun and ocean days. It was the best thing about it: my children wanted to apply sunscreen and reminded me to do so! Although I was not a fan of the high price, they could be used multiple times per day. And my children were excited to use sunscreen!

“I have a fair complexion. They saved me from being burnt during my Hawaiian vacation. For 10 days, I was there. No sunburn. The directions are easy to follow, and work wonderfully well,” one satisfied customer said.

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