Marcus Mumford is using music to heal from a childhood trauma.

After almost three decades of silence, Mumford & Sons‘ frontman is sharing his experience as a victim of child sexual abuse in “Cannibal,” the first single from his debut solo album Self-Titled.

“Like lots of people—and I’m learning more and more about this as we go and as I play it to people—I was sexually abused as a child,” Mumford told GQ magazine in an interview published Aug. 10. “Not in my family, not in the Church. This might seem like a mistake to some. It was something I had not shared with anyone for over 30 years.

Mumford (35), said that he first told his mother about his abuse when Mumford heard the song “Cannibal”, and she asked him the meaning of the song. He said, “So once she gets through that trauma for her as a mom, hearing that, and her wanting to help all the stuff,” “It’s objectively hilarious to tell my mom about my abuse in a song of all things.”