Where’s Patricia AltschulWhen do you really need her?

She is well-known for her peace keeping abilities. Southern Charm matriarch could be of great use for her fellow cast members Madison LeCroy Olivia Flowers. Although they aren’t necessarily enemies, Olivia dates Madison. Austen Kroll—who, as Olivia frequently points out on the show, can’t seem to stop talking about Madison despite her being engaged—means a few jabs have been traded.

This was the latest news as of Aug. 10. Us Weekly interview when Olivia called Madison “calculated,” adding, “I don’t think much of her.” What’s more interesting, though, is in that same story, Olivia also revealed that she and Austen began exclusively dating this summer—something a casual viewer of Southern Charm would likely not predict, as their once-budding romance has already gone a bit cold on the Bravo series’ current season.

As for Madison’s thoughts on the pairing, she recently told CelebHomes News that Austen’s actions speak for themselves—namely, the way he reacted to her engagement news. Madison said that Austen’s father made a comment about Madison’s engagement, saying, “I’m glad it is not you.” “Same, Tom—that’s his dad—your son is just not husband material. He is not boyfriend-worthy, as I believe we have seen. Winter [House] Summer House.”