In a sequence in which Dwight swerves the office bus on the road, the team initially had the large vehicle rigged, but Jenna explained it wasn’t authentic enough. The bus was then “detached from the rig and a stunt driver climbed on board,” Jenna wrote. There were however no stunt performers. “There were no stunt actors, however.” We continued to do what we had been doing and were instructed not to stop. So we set off.”

They filmed as normal, Jenna recalled, but things changed when the assistant director yelled, “‘Swerve!'”

Jenna said, “The stunt driver was hard to see,” Jenna added. He cranked the wheel as Cole Trickle. Days of Thunder. The entire bus cast and its contents flew into the side of the party buses. The fact that our props and office furniture were not securely secured was something no one thought about when telling the stunt driver to go as fast as he can without flipping it over!