Now that the pandemic is basically over, we’re still concerned about the war in Ukraine and the rising inflation we’re experiencing across the globe, however at the moment, we’ve got another major distraction grabbing our attention; the Depp vs. Heard defamation trial. 

No matter whose side you’re on or whom you believe, the behaviors, actions, and words we’ve heard about in this trial are things that no person should ever be subjected to. These things are unfortunately all too common for many. Because of the emotion and memories that we have conjured in our retellings of their stories, some of us might find it difficult to turn our gaze away from this trial. 

Domestic violenceIt is everywhere around us. There is a good chance that we all know at least one individual who has suffered abuse from their home or family member. Unfortunately, things got worse with the COVID epidemic. 

The pandemic saw calls to the helplines increase by five times as partners spent more time together in close quarters and away from the eyes of anyone who might need to report abuse. 

It’s vitally important for each individual to be aware of the signs of abuse and to know what to do. Neighbors, family members and friends can help bring out abuses and provide support for those who may feel helpless.

Domestic Violence: How You Can Help