Taylor SwiftIt is the best thing for us range.

You can find the trailer here Where the Crawdads SingWe get more Taylor’s “Carolina”, the original song from the movie’s soundtrack. 

Taylor vocalizes “You didn’t know me here/No they never did not see me there” as Kya’s mysterious tale (Daisy Edgar-JonesThe teaser is (). 

Taylor belts out “Into the Mist, into The Clouds” over vast images of North Carolina marshland. Taylor’s lyrics grow as tension builds in this trailer. “If I make a fist, I’ll make it count,” she promises over a lush instrumental.

Trailer crescendos with Taylor’s song “There are places where I will never go/Things Carolina will only ever know.”

Could this film please be made available immediately?

Where the Crawdads SingBased on the bestseller 2018 novelDelia OwensThe story of Kya is about a young girl abandoned who found refuge in North Carolina’s marshlands. Kya, a suspect in the murders of a local resident is discovered dead.