Many companies these days are doing away with the drywalls and embarking on the movable modular walls. This is because the modular walls have numerous advantages over the drywall when it comes to office partitioning. Do not, therefore, hesitate to adopt this kind of set up in your company after having knowledge about their advantages. Below are some of the advantages the modular walls have over drywalls.

  • The modular walls are more flexible than drywalls, and in case a company intends to make changes in the layout of the office, then the modular walls are just demounted from their original place and then mounting them on a different position creating no mess in the office. For drywalls, you will have to bring them down, purchase new materials, and then reconstruct the walls at a different position. This would create a lot of mess in the office as well as losses.
  • The other shortcoming of drywalls is that during the destruction of the walls, there is always a lot of dust in the office covering every equipment and furniture. This cannot be the case with modular walls since they are clean and do not emit any sort of dust or anything irritating, thereby not causing any mess on the contents in the office.
  • Modular office walls give you an easy task when moving to a new office because you can take them with you and use them to partition your new office. This is contrary to drywalls, which must just be left in the old office during relocation.
  • In cases of replacements of walls, the modular walls can be replaced easily with better ones in just a few moments since it does not involve a lot of technicalities such as breaking down. The drywalls must just be taken down and done away with when doing replacements, and it is therefore costly since it also involves a lot of losses.
  • The movable walls are very convenient when it comes to experimenting with the different layout since they can be easily moved from one position to another.
  • When it comes to the appearance of the interior part of the office, modular walls are more of fashion than drywalls, and they have a variety of decorations and colors on them that makes the office look more attractive. The dry walls are always plain and with no decorations on them.
  • In addition to the office décor, modular walls have a wide range of designs that can suit any interior office. There are some with plain wood finishes and also others with glass inserts, among many other designs. The drywall, on the other hand, must just be painted further if there is a need, and for this, you will have to budget.
  • Some modular walls have other special features like the electric wiring, ICT cables, and HVAC duct, which are included in them during their manufacturing. For drywalls, you will have to add these features separately.

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