Owning a luxury estate is an accomplishment in itself as it takes hard work and financial savvy investments over time. The beauty of an estate is that there is going to be space to work with. The privacy that most estates possess allows for a wellness retreat to be built. Creation of a list is important as you might find there are certain features that you do not want or simply will not use. 

Add an Area For Meditation

Mental health has to be a focus in today’s world as it is often neglected. You would be surprised as to the various benefits that meditating for only a few minutes daily can garner for you. Make sure this area is quiet and dedicated to meditation. Adding incense or music to this area can allow you to truly clear your mind so you can fully relax. This can also be the perfect place to practice yoga or guided relaxation. Stress is a silent killer so make sure you are managing it daily through meditation. 

Create a Home Gym

The pandemic has led a number of people to invest in fitness equipment due to the unknown factor of when gyms will return to normal. Creating a home gym can be done anywhere and a great location can be a finished basement due to the sound insulation. Look into used equipment first as you will find there are products that are lightly used at a fraction of the price. There are so many trainers available online 

Tennis/Basketball Courts 

Outdoor basketball court tile can be a perfect addition to your estate as it is lower impact than cement. There are a number of people that create a tennis and basketball court with the extra space that  they have at their estate. Your joints will appreciate you playing on a tile court as the last thing you want to do is injure yourself when simply trying to have fun. Sport court tiles will continue to grow in popularity due to the physical benefits of running on it and the overall durability. 

Swimming Pool 

Adding a lap pool can allow you to get great exercise without impacting your joints in a negative manner. A pool is not a great investment for an estate especially if it is located in a colder climate. Locations like Florida or some areas of California are great for pools due to the amicable weather. Being able to get in one of the best workouts a person can do from your backyard oozes convenience. Pool construction can vary in quality with some companies putting in water features that are nothing less than spectacular.

The creation of a health and wellness estate will turn it into a unique place with positive energy. VIsitors will also enjoy everything that you have to offer when it comes to fitness and wellness options. Being able to get into the best health of your life from home is something that is possible with an investment in your estate.