South Beach is widely recognized for its party atmosphere. Just watch The Birdcage. That may give you a good idea of what one would find in the diverse party culture of South Beach. Aside from all of the partying, South Beach accommodates urban city-style eateries. Alright, back to partying! There are celebrities who don’t mind mixing with the normal crowd. Then, there are some who wish to party privately and spend time with other celebrities. This is where the “Temple House” on Euclid Ave comes in. It’s reported that celebrities such as J-Lo, Jay Z, Mr. Livin’ Da Vida Loca, P. Diddy, and Tony Hawk have partied here. Now, it’s up for sale.

The 5 bed and 6 bath floor plan stands tall and strong on Euclid. It measures 13,111 sq ft on a quaint 14 sq ft lot. The two-story building boasts high ceilings, large dining areas, large lounge areas……..pretty much large everything. Waterfall pool, personal elevator, range, and stainless steel restaurant-style cooking vent are included in the price tag of $16.925 million.

Address: 1415 Euclid Ave, Miami Beach FL 33139