Rick Ross woke up in a Bugatti, and in retired box Evander Holyfield’s mansion! The big-named rapper just recently forked over approximately $8 million for the piece of monstrosity that’s been dubbed as “The Biggest House in the State of Georgia.” And you know what, the reports may very well be right, especially since rappers typically have a reputation for “going hard” and being ever so glamorous. Rick Ross has a new album coming out in March, titled “Mastermind.” More albums and collaborations will assumably follow. How else is Ross going to pay for the estimated yearly mortgage of $1 million?

The 54,000 sq ft estate is practically a hotel. It sports 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, has a full-fledged gym, a 100-guest dining room, accommodates two-lane bowling, a 4,000 sq ft guest house, ginormous outdoor pool, indoor pool……..I highly doubt there’s nothing that Evander’s former home doesn’t have. And besides, what it doesn’t have, Rick Ross will get. It’s also reported that the 104 acre property consists of a baseball field and a 7 stall barn.

Address: 794 Highway 279, Fayetteville GA 30214