Briana DeJesusThe next chapter of your life may include serious romance.

MTV’s reality star, MTV Reality Star has been documenting the highs and the lows of her private life since 2017. Teen Mom 2. Now, the 28-year-old is returning to the small screen for a new season with a new man along for the ride.

Briana shared her happiness with CelebHomes News, “I am very happy in a relationship.” “This is the first time I’ve had a mature relationship. This man is an adult. This is not for a child. This is not a little boy.

“He desires all these things, and I also want them,” she said. “But I did find someone that I was able to be myself with, and he is open to me being who I am. And I am so happy.

This is the man who made Briana’s life so special. CelebHomes News discovered Briana’s new guy Bobby ScottShe previously featured on her Instagram Stories as a guest. The Florida resident also confirmed to CelebHomes News that the pair is in a long-distance relationship.