This mystery is fishier than Smelly Cat himself. 

Since years Friends Many fans are curious about Phoebe Buffay’s identity.Lisa Kudrow)’s mysterious third bridesmaid, seen only in the season 10, episode 12 episode “The One with Phoebe’s Wedding.” Now, one TikToker believes he’s figured out who, exactly, she is.

Video posted August 22nd by user @therealgregoryjIt is the Friends fan plays a season six, episode three scene in which Phoebe reveals she has a roommate named Denise, whom the group has ever met. 

Chandler Bing plays “I don’t understand”, Matthew PerryIn the clip, he asks: What is the best way to have roommates that you don’t know?

Kudrow’s Phoebe retorts, “Maybe you don’t listen to what I say,” “Denise!”

But, some viewers have another idea: the mysterious third woman is the sister of Mike Hanningan (Paul Rudd(), Phoebe’s husband. IMDb shows the bridesmaid is Bitsy Hannigan. Cristine rose. It looks like its time to…PIVOT