Matt SmithAfter suffering an injury during filming of one specific stunt, is now in recovery. House of the Dragon.

Smith, best-known for his work on Doctor Who Crown, confirmed this to be true while discussing the stunts—which include bloody battles, riding dragons and more—at the heart of HBO’s prequel series. Smith said that “there were many stunts involved and that made it difficult for quite some time.” The Hollywood Reporter Aug. 23 “It’s a big 10-month shoot. It was physically exhausting.

He also spoke out about his injury on set, saying, “That was a stunt done in a helmet.” In Portugal, hit the disc in my neck. It’s f–ing pain in the neck—literally, metaphorically and physically.”

Smith continued to say that Smith isn’t yet out of the woods, and his recovery process remains a work-in-progress. Smith said that he is still waiting to see a physio to work on his recovery. However, it is all part of the journey, at some point.