Steve McQueen and Leonardo DiCaprio are quite alike, actually. Despite the dozens of movies they were featured in, neither one won an Oscar! McQueen and DiCaprio were, however, nominated! On the more positive side, both actors don’t need an Oscar, for Steve McQueen continuously made an impact on viewers and DiCaprio continues to be, well, a respected and praised actor. And oh look, McQueen left behind 500 acres of property in Idaho!

It’s truly “The Getaway” and “The Great Escape,” with two structures that are constructed by logs and offer full scenic views of mother nature. Seclusion and privacy are strongly emphasised here. The home was built in 1990. It comes with a 4-car garage (workshop can be found here), fireplaces, bar, reading/study area, lounging area, storage, balcony, front patio, fire pit. Floor plan consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The owners at the time of July to August 2013 were going for $7.4 million for the property.

Address: 100 Creek Cove Rd, Hailey ID 83333