Mike Medavoy served as producer for a handful of noteworthy films. All the King’s Men, Mrs. Potter, Zodiac, and Black Swan are to name some. Medavoy interestingly was involved in the film Shanghai, which is also where he was born. Medavoy also was involved in the Robocop remake, and will be involved in what seems to be an eye-catching string of films whose release dates span to potentially a few years from now. Lets just say that he was able to buy a home whose floor plan is almost twice as generous as his former Bel-Air estate.

That former Bel-Air estate of his has a floor plan of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and measures 5,437 sq ft. Whoever owns it now is treated to large, comfy, and luxurious living. They have their own basketball court, full landscape views from the back, rooms that open up immediately and beautfully out onto the balcony, fireplace, and pool. Of course, they could just stare up into the high ceilings that the home boasts.

It took Medavoy only a few months to snatch a buyer who had $7.8 mill to spend. This is a trait that you don’t hear very often from celebrities and successful individuals alike who try and sell their big real estate toys.

Address: 638 Siena Way, Los Angeles CA 90077