Vampires are mytholigically portrayed as creatures who lure humans into their grasp and “turn” or kill them. That’s very much not the case in the ongoing vamp series, “The Vampire Diaries,” at least the luring part. However, you will see violence, sex, blood……ya know……all that good vampire stuff. But, Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley) did lure Meredith Fell (played by Torrey DeVitto) into falling in love with him. The two eventually got married in April 11′, and split 2 years later. Now that’s over, they listed their 3,262 sq ft home in LA in August of last year. It wasn’t long until it lured in a buyer.

Like Wesley and his character, Stefan, the home has much apparent charm. Perhaps it’s due to the romantic vibes that emit from the interior, outdoor patio, and balconies that overlook wonderful views. Some of the rooms on the second floor flow out into the en-suite balconies immediately. Much was included in the deal: furnished kitchen, walk-in closet, office, intercom, security system, personal sprinkler system, and gated entry.

Address: 2769 Westshire Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068