Do not wait, the red light is coming! Squid GameIt almost could have ended in a totally different way. It seems so.

Hwang Dong-hyukIn an interview, he revealed an alternative ending to the first season of survival drama. Entertainment Weekly. As we all know, the ending ends with Seong Gihuna (Lee Jungjae), also known as Player 456, deciding to not board a plane in order to visit his daughter. Instead, he turns around on the jet bridge and walks toward the camera, ultimately risking his life to go seek revenge on the game that took the lives of 455 contestants, and almost his own.

Dong-hyuk claimed that the series almost ended in the other direction, revealing, “We really wrestled with two scenarios for the end.”

Apparently, one ending featured Gi-hun getting on the plane with the intention of reuniting with his daughter. This is the end. Lebron JamesWould have preferred, however we digress.